Double Bonanza - Pre-Order - Purple Amethyst Natural Crystal Stone Pyramid - 1inch(aprox) - Set of 2

Purple Amethyst Natural Crystal Pyramid - 1inch(aprox) Chakra Stone Pyramid - Set of 2

Size(Dimension): 1inch X 1inch(aprox)

Type: Purple Amethyst Crystal Pyramid

  • Amethyst has many benefits. It vibrates at a high frequency, creating a bubble of spiritual protection against negative energy
  • Amethyst awakens higher consciousness and facilitates meditation and intuition
  • Amethyst can help you make wiser decisions free of emotional confusion
  • Amethyst also helps in the assimilation of new ideas and putting thoughts into action
  • Amethyst is a stunning semi-precious stone with exceptional healing powers that can help you. When it comes to texture, it is violet-purple in color with excellent luster and transparency
  • Amethyst is a protective stone and is a symbol of strong relationships and courage
  • Keep in home, shops, or office for protection, positive energy, cordial relationships, and good results

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