Feng Shui Combo : 950ml Copper Hammered Bottle + 1 - 3Layer Vastu Pyramid + 1 Sree Yantra Grid Plate Wall Art + 1 Vastu Feng Shui Door Bagua Positive Energy Protection

Feng Shui Combo : 950ml Copper Hammered Bottle + 1 - 3Layer Vastu Pyramid + 1 Sree Yantra Grid Plate Wall Hanging + 1 Door Bagua

Your package will contain:
950ml Copper Hammered Bottle - 1Qty
3Layer Vastu Pyramid - 1Qty
Sree Yantra Grid Plate Wall Hanging - 1 Qty
Door Bagua - 1 Qty

Product1 - 950ml Copper Hammered Bottle:

Material - Pure Copper
Weight - 300gms

Our water bottles are seamless with no joints.
The cap is also made of 100% pure copper attached with a food-safe seal and is completely leak-proof.
Water stored in pure copper bottles or any other copper utensil has great health benefits and is recommended by healthcare experts all over the world.
The water bottles are fairly easy to clean and wash as well.
Made in India

Drinking water from Copper vessel

1. Boosts Immunity and promotes longevity
2. Consumed by Yogis first thing in the morning
3. Ancient Ayurvedic practice
4. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
5. Reduces negativity in the mind
6. Reduces inflammation in the body
7. Many metaphysical benefits

Product 2- 100% Pure Copper 3 Layer Pyramid : 
Dimension: 1.5in x 1.5in size
Weight: 300gms
Material: Pure Copper

91 Pure Copper Pyramids: Made of Pure Solid Copper and built-in 3 layers to increase the effectiveness for the size. The topmost layer is the large pyramid, the middle layer consists of 9 Pyramids and the bottom layer has 81 pyramids. Built rugged to last for generations. Not coated or mixed with any other metal.

  • This Pyramid has a special significance as it multiplies energies because it clubs itself in 91 pyramids total
  • These Pyramids can also be used on tabletop for positive energy. Students can place the copper pyramid on their study table to get good academic results
  • Bring peace and prosperity to your home with this 3-layer Copper Pyramid
  • USE THESE PYRAMIDS for Meditation, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Chakra Healing, Energy Healing, or attract positive Vibes. The easiest and cleanest way to bring in the Universal energy into your homes or places of work. Experience the improvement in your lifestyle, luck, peace, and tranquility into your lives
  • NEGATE EMF SMOG - Our clients report that keeping these pyramids help reduce the effect of EMF SMOG and other negative energies. Charge and Cleanse small crystals by keeping them inside the pyramid overnight.

Product 3 - Vastu Feng Shui Bagua Positive Energy Protection:


Vastu | Feng Shui Door Bagua | Negative Energy & Protection | Feng Shui for Main Door & Office

  • Bagua is a powerful cure to protect against negative energy and create good fortune and harmony
  • This type of  Bagua protects a house or place of business from the negative energy or poison arrows
  • This Bagua is used to ward off negative entering a building mostly through the main door
  • It's also a perfect and meaningful gift for your family, friends, and yourself on thanksgiving day.

How to use Door Bagua:

  • Place the Bagua above your front door facing outside. Never place indoors
  • A  bagua offer protection for your home
  • Can be used for home door, office door
  • Place the Bagua above your front door facing outside
  • Never place indoors

Product 4 - Sree Yantra Grid Plate Wall Art

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