HealingCombo 2: Back & Belly Pyramid Belt + Knee Belt Pyramid For Knee & Back Healing


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Product 1:
Back and Belly Belt Pyramid 

  • Material: Plastic; Colour: White
  • Package Contents: Back and Belly Belt Pyramid
  • Relaxes muscles and Nerves
  • Suitable for a rejuvenating body massage

This Back and Belly Belt Pyramid provides effective relief from back pain and provides a calming relaxation feel. This pyramid is made with a comfortable design for optimal comfort and to ensure even weight distribution for relief and relaxation. It also has adjustable straps for a personalized fit. Get relief and relaxation with the Back and Belly Belt Pyramid.

Product 2:

Knee Belt Pyramid

Knee Belt Pyramid to heal all Knee related Problems

  • Used for the treatment of knee pain, arthritis, and joint pain
  • Combination of Magnetic Therapy, Acupressure, Pyramids & Metal Therapy
  • Size: 2.5 Cm X 21 Cm X 15.5 Cm
  • Dust Regularly

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