Gomti Money Orgone Crystal Pyramid for Money, Prosperity and Growth

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Natural Gomti Money Crystal Pyramid is a special stone which indicated prosperity and growth and helps in resolving Money related issues. 

  • It is beneficial for the success in Business and Shop.
  • Monetary conditions are improved.
  • Fame and Success is attracted.Negativity and bad luck stay away from the person.
  • The Orgonite Crystal are also used as Protection Barrier against Electromagnetic Pollution and Negative Energies.

Base : Approx. 2inch
Weight: 300gm

How to Use Gomati Money Pyramid:
Tune in and connect with this energetic 7 Chakra Crystal Pyramid: Two very simple
ways to do this are to

  • Hold the Pyramid in your hand
  • Close your eyes and mindfully connect to your wish. 
  • Set an intention.

The crystal will assist you as long as your intention is pure and aligned with nature(and not harming anyone else).

Perfect Gift for home decoration, you can place it in living room, children's room, office, car, brings you peace, Good fortune and endless positive energy.

Each crystal stone has a unique shape and color, pyramids are handmade
products, so there may be slightly different from the pictures shown.

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