Set of 4 - 6inch MDF Wood Pyramid Cap (Gold color painted) - For Four Corners of Your Home/Room


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6inch MDF Wood Pyramid Cap for Meditation (Gold color painted)

A pyramid has an angle of 51degrees 51minutes draws Cosmic Energy from the universe. This pyramid is made of wood and any natural elements increase the energy of the product. It is a highly energized catalyst that enhances the inflow of energy, especially during meditation.

What will be inside the package?
The package will have: 
4 - 6inch MDF Wood Pyramid Cap(Gold painted) +
1 - Plastic Head Cap

Rose-wood color painted Pyramid Cap:
6in X 6in(Base)
MDF Wood(Gold color painted)
Great Pyramid at Giza with slope angle being 51' degrees

How to use:

  • Place the 4 Pyramid Caps at 4 corners of your house/room. These 4 Pyramids forms a Grid and connects with the Mega Universal Pyramids
Benefits of Pyramid Cap:
  • Body exposure to Pyramid energy for a few minutes a day has an everlasting positive effect on the health front. This is because Pyramids generate negative ions which have a positive influence on our bodies

  • Pyramids generate negative ions and they have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body and we are able to achieve a calm state of mind or nothingness

  • Pyramid Meditation is the best way to get rid of all physical and mental ailments, which are interrelated

  • Pyramids increase resistance to diseases, gives relief, and cures common ailments i.e., asthma, toothache, migraine, cold, high B.P., arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia; helps digestion; reduces tension; makes skin healthy and youthful

  • Pyramids give out bio-energy fields that have the power to speed up our body’s recovery process

  • It is easier to concentrate and arrive at the thoughtless state under Pyramids

  • Many meditation experiences including out-of-body experiences like ‘astral travel’ are much easier if practiced inside Pyramids

  • When food is placed inside a Pyramid for two to three days longer than food that is placed outside, the Pyramids ‘amplify’ information of whatever is placed inside it

  • Milk, fruits, vegetables, or any other food items placed in Pyramids remain fresh for longer periods and attain more taste

    Special Note: These Pyramid Head Caps do not have holes to tie threads.

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