10inch Base - Wish | Cash MDF Wooden Pyramid Box With Safe Lock-key and Egyptian Stickers


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Wish | Cash MDF Wooden Pyramid Box with Safe Lock-Key and Egyptian Stickers and glass on four sides of the base. Use this as a cash | wish Box. Place your wishes inside the box. This wish can be about getting a new job, life partner, good energy, harmony, education, business goal, etc.  This Cash Pyramid Box contains Lock and Key Protection which includes two keys.

Dimensions: 10inchX 10inch
Material: MDF Wood with Safe Lock-Key Protection and Egyptian Stickers and a mirror inside
Color: Golden with Egyptian Stickers

Benefits of Pyramid:

  • A pyramid is a source of attracting the highest cosmic energy

Benefits of Wish | Cash Pyramid Box With Safe Lock And Key:

  • It can be used as Cash Box, Wish Box, Jewelry Box
  • It increases the energy of the objects placed inside the pyramid
  • Pyramid Cleanses and Energises the items kept inside the Box
  • One who Pyramid | Cash Wish Box gains prosperity, happiness from the usage
  • Each side of Egyptian symbols represents seriousness, peacefulness, wisdom, and truth.
  • You can also use this Divine product to fulfill your wishes Cleansed, Purified, Energised, and Programmed with the help of Universal Concept.
  • It is the best gift that can be given to anyone

How it works:

  • Pyramid Wish Box  attracts the cosmic energy and this energy helps the wishes to get fulfilled

Ways of using Wish Pyramid:

  • Place herbals to enhance their effects
  • Place crystals or gems or your pendant inside to add more power
  • It can also be used for keeping your regular cash to multiply it
  • Excellent gift for auspicious occasions like housewarming, Birthday, etc.
  • Clients can gain prosperity, happiness.
  • The symbols include seriousness, peacefulness, wisdom, and truth
  • It also makes for a beautiful piece of décor in your home, office or workspace.
  • It will repel negative energy around you and keep your environment peaceful and safe

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