Authentic Amethyst Mala Beads (108) – Healing & Spiritual Meditation Aid


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Unearth the power of the universe with our Authentic Amethyst Mala, featuring 108 beautifully handcrafted beads. Ideal for meditation, prayer, or as a unique piece of spiritual jewelry, this Amethyst Mala resonates with energies of tranquility, spiritual growth, and protection. Each bead has been meticulously selected to ensure consistency in quality and size, making it not just a spiritual tool, but a work of art.


  • Spiritual Growth: Amethyst is renowned for promoting spiritual awareness and enhancing intuition.
  • Healing Energies: Often used as a tool for warding off negative energies and fostering emotional stability.
  • Multipurpose: Can be used for meditation, counting mantras, or as a stylish accessory to complement your outfit.

Step-by-Step Guidance to Use for Meditation:

  • Wear the Mala.
  • Find a quiet, serene space free from distractions.
  • Sit in a comfortable position, either cross-legged on the floor or in a chair with crossed feet on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and start observing your breaths to center yourself.
  • Once you've finished, take a moment to sit in silence, absorbing the energy and tranquility of your meditation.
  • Express gratitude for the time you've dedicated to your well-being and the aid of the Amethyst Mala in focusing your energy.
  • When not in use, store your mala in a clean, sacred space, such as a pouch, altar, or jewelry box. This helps maintain its energy and prolongs its longevity.


Q: Is this Mala made of genuine Amethyst?

A: Yes, our Amethyst Mala consists of 100% genuine and authentic Amethyst beads.

Q: Can I wear it as a necklace?

A: Absolutely! Many of our customers wear it as a spiritual accessory, benefiting both from its aesthetic appeal and its healing properties.

Q: How do I cleanse my Amethyst Mala?

A: You can cleanse it by placing it under the moonlight, smudging it with sage, or using other crystals like Selenite. Remember, it’s crucial to cleanse periodically to maintain its energy.