HealingCombo 1 - Eye Pyramid Multi Energy Eye Care + Head Belt With Copper Pyramid for Natural Eye & Head Healing & Relaxation


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Eye Pyramid Multi Energy Eye Care 

Head Belt With Copper Pyramid Power

Eye Pyramid Multi Energy Eye Care With Pyramids for Natural Eye Relaxation

  • Valuable in the treatment of eye stress, far sightedness, old age sight, useful after TV or a movie, computer work, traveling
  • Recommended to computer professionals, top executives, and students, boost your vitality with 2 magnets, 2 9xpyramids for sound sleep use for 15 min before going to bed
  • Select a comfortable sitting or lying posture and fix it on your eyes (eyes closed) start with 15 minutes twice a day, over a period of one month you can extend the treatment to 30 minutes
  • Close your eyes and meditate or visualize that a feeling of well-being is taking place
  • Slow, deep, and rhythmic breathing is important in manipulating the energy flow
  • Soothing music, mantras, or japs can accelerate the healing
  • In case of discomfort reduce the time
  • If symptoms persist consult your physician
  • It is also complementary to usual medical care

Head Belt With Copper Pyramid Power. Effective way to combat headaches. Just wear your head belt on your forehead for 15 minutes with 18 pyramids and 3 magnets.

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