Double Bonanza - Car Protection Pyramid (Copper Plated) + Car Protection Pyramid (Gold Plated)

Vehicle Protection Pyramid - Gold Plated(Qty1)
Vehicle Protection Pyramid - Copper Plated(Qty1)

Vehicle Protection Pyramid protects you and inturn your vehicle. This vehicle protector provides safety on roads & accident-prone zones by helping you to take right and quick decisions at crucial moments. It keeps your mind unwavering without any distractions. This vehicle protector is a must for your car and family safety.

Vehicle Protection Pyramid - Gold Plated:
: 8cm x 8cm x 4.5cm
Material: Plastic and Gold Plated
Colour: White and Gold
Weight: 100gms

Vehicle Protection Pyramid - Gold Plated:
 : 8cm x 8cm x 4.5cm
Material: Plastic and Copper
Colour: White and Metallic Copper
Weight: 100gms

Benefits :

  • Safe-guard your vehicle with this Car pyramid. A protection for your Car
  • It is essential to regulate your vehicle in harmony with you by fixing this car pyramid on your car or scooter for protection, safety & efficiency
  • Car pyramid creates positive energy which makes your neurobody control better

  • Your awareness level is high as it keeps your mind balanced. Thus, helps in smooth driving
  • The unique feature of this powerful pyramid are the four directionally interacting copper triangles on the top which protects from negative energy

How to Fix :

  • This powerful Copper Pyramid can be fixed on the front dashboard with the adhesive provided
  • Can be used for other vehicles like scooter, trucks. Can be used at home as a showcase item. Used on tabletop too
  • No Batteries required. Can be used directly for lifetime

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