FamilyCombo #4 - Copper Pyramid Meditation Head Caps + Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystals - Set of 4


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Copper Pyramid Meditation Head Caps + Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystals - Set of 4

Product Details:

What will my package contain?

  • Copper Pyramid Head Cap(4 pieces)
  • Plastic Pyramid Head Cap Complimentary(1 piece)
  • Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystals(4 pieces)
  • 5 Threads
Details of Plastic Pyramid Head Cap:
Size - 8 inch
Material - Copper
Great Pyramid at Giza with slope angle being 51' degrees

Orgone is another name for the form of energy also known as Chi, Prana, Ether, or
Life Force. Orgone pyramids, aside from being major eye candy, are highly sought-
after devices known for their ability to convert negative energy into positive energy
and balance the spiritual, emotional, and physical body.

Crystals interact with the body's energy field, creating balance and alignment. It is also a strong spiritual grounding stone and is one of the most popular crystals to be used for metaphysical purposes. The seven layers of crystals are related to our seven chakras or energy centers. Each crystal gets connected to a dimension in higher worlds and it paves a way for spiritual growth and materialistic growth. All your dreams and wishes come to reality as opportunities start to come, the right people come into your life. A deep meditative state is achieved when held in hand.

Details of 7 Chakra Orgone Pyramid:
Base: Approx. 70mm by 70mm
Height: Approx. 55mm

Crystals used in 7 Chakra Orgone Pyramid:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Blue Aventurine
  3. Lapis
  4. Green Aventurine
  5. Yellow Aventurine
  6. Red Aventurine
  7. Red Jasper gemstones

How to Use Pyramid Head Cap & Orgone Pyramid Together?
Two very simple ways to do this are

  • Tie the elastic thread to Pyramid Head Cap
  • Wear the 9inch Copper Pyramid Cap on the head during Meditation.
  • Hold the Orgone Crystal Pyramid in your hand and sit in Meditation.
  • Also, we can place the Pyramid Head Cap on water, fruits & vegetables to energize them.

    NOTE: Orgone Crystal Pyramids are for personal Meditation use and should not be exchanged with others(even family members or friends).
About Pyramids:

The structural design of a Pyramid consists of three-dimensional triangles, with large bases tapering towards the top and four faces with an accurate or ‘golden angle of inclination’ at 51° 51′ 51″. Due to its shape and angle, the structure gets aligned perfectly to the Earth’s magnetic field thereby making it the greatest receiver and transmitter of cosmic energy. ‘Pyro’ means ‘fire’ or energy and ‘amid’ means ‘centre’ or within; hence, Pyramid is a device with energy at its centre. This is the reason for their being the storehouses of energy drawn from the universe.

Benefits of Pyramid Head Cap:
  • Body exposure to Pyramid energy for a few minutes a day has an everlasting positive effect on the health front. This is because Pyramids generate negative ions which have a positive influence on our bodies

  • Pyramids generate negative ions and they have a balancing effect on the electromagnetic field of the body and we are able to achieve a calm state of mind or nothingness

  • Pyramid Meditation is the best way to get rid of all physical and mental ailments, which are interrelated

  • Pyramids increase resistance to diseases, give relief, and cures common ailments i.e., asthma, toothache, migraine, cold, high B.P., arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia; helps digestion; reduces tension; makes skin healthy and youthful

  • Pyramids give out bio-energy fields that have the power to speed up our body’s recovery process

  • It is easier to concentrate and arrive at the thoughtless state under Pyramids

  • Many meditation experiences including out-of-body experiences like ‘astral travel’ are much easier if practiced inside Pyramids


Even if the customer orders more than one quantity of Copper Pyramid Head Cap, only 1 Plastic Pyramid Head Cap will be sent as complimentary.

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