950ml Copper Hammered Bottle (100% Pure) Ayurvedic Benefits Seamless


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950ml Copper Hammered Bottle (100% Pure) Ayurvedic Benefits Seamless

Material - Pure Copper
Weight - 300gms

Copper Hammered Bottle:

  • Our water bottles are seamless with no joints.
  • The cap is also made of 100% pure copper attached with a food-safe seal and is completely leak-proof.
  • Water stored in pure copper bottles or any other copper utensil has great health benefits and is recommended by healthcare experts all over the world.
  • The water bottles are fairly easy to clean and wash as well.
  • Made in India

Drinking water from Copper Vessel

  1. Boosts Immunity and promotes longevity
  2. Consumed by Yogis first thing in the morning
  3. Ancient Ayurvedic practice
  4. Anti-bacterial and anti-viral
  5. Reduces negativity in the mind
  6. Reduces inflammation in the body
  7. Many metaphysical benefits

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