Sleep-well Pillow Pyramid for relaxed and uninterrupted sleeping and neck pain relief

Pillow Pyramid for relaxed sleeping and neck pain relief 


This product is made of natural wood with 54 Pure Copper Pyramids and 9 Crystals fixed inside the Pillow Pyramid multiplies energiesSuitable for Back Sleeper, Side Sleeper & Stomach Sleeper.

After a tiring day, we want an uninterrupted and peaceful sleep without any nightmares. Pillow pyramid increases the vibrations of the place where it is placed as it pulls down an abundance of cosmic energy from the cosmos

Shipment Dimension: 33cmx48cmX5cm
Shipment Weight: 1.7kg
Material: Made of Wood
No of Pyramids inside Pillow Pyramid: 54
No of Crystals inside Pillow Pyramid: 9


  • Provides relaxed sleep for children

  • Provides relief from backaches, headaches, neck issues, and other pain-related problems that we face due to stress
  • Provides undisturbed sleep and relieves neck pain

  • Provides therapeutic relief 

  • Gives head & neck support

  • Safe to use and eco-friendly
  • Enhanced ventilation

Directions to use: Place your pillow above the pillow pyramid (as shown in the image) and place your head on the pillow while sleeping. 

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