Set of 12 - Pyramid Kitchen Kit - 2inch Pure Copper Pyramid(Small)


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2inch Copper Cap Pyramid (Small) - Set of 12

A pyramid has an angle of 51degrees 51minutes and draws Cosmic Energy from the universe. Copper is a spiritual metal and any product made of copper increases its energy. A copper pyramid is a highly energized catalyst that enhances the inflow of energy.

What will be inside the package?
The package will have "Set of 12 - 2inch Copper Caps"

Details of Copper Pyramid Cap:
Base 2inch X 2inch
Great Pyramid at Giza with slope angle being 51' degrees

Benefits of Placing Pyramids in Kitchen:

  • Pyramids when placed in rice, pulses, and spices... energizes the ingredients before even using them.

  •  A highly energized food can be prepared only with highly charged & energized ingredients.

  •  Eating Energized Food on daily basis enhances harmony & calmness among family members.

  • Eating Energized Food on daily basis improves Memory, Focus & concentration in children.

  • Pyramids help to heal and enhance spiritual growth and enlightenment. 

  • A deep state of meditation can be easily achieved when consuming energized food on daily basis.

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