The Cosmic Picture by Madhu Gajjala | Mandala Wall Painting | Canvas


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The Cosmic Picture by Madhu Gajjala | Mandala Wall Painting | Canvas

Product Details & Dimesions:
Dimension: 102cm x 72cm size
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5cm x 5cm x 81cm
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Painting Type:
Mandala Wall Painting
Meditation & Healing

The Cosmic Picture: The journey of ‘The Cosmic Picture’ started in the year 2016, five and half years ago in Egypt when the thought of creating a huge canvas sprouted through the visions in my meditations. I used to see colors and geometric patterns in meditations and started painting them on canvas. I would rather say, it is the masters who had used me as a medium to bring this painting into life. This painting has been used on various platforms as a backdrop for spiritual events and as an invitation for events on online platforms. I used to share the progress of this painting on Facebook. Many people got attracted to the colors and patterns of this painting and used them to convey that, “after seeing this painting, something had positively shifted in them. Many experienced coming out of their depressions and suicidal thoughts and started living life with full enthusiasm.” The painting was finished in November 2021, in Germany. After which we went to Pyramid Valley International, India to show the painting to Patriji. He observed it for some time and named it “The Cosmic Picture.”

The Cosmic Picture has a calming and grounding effect on everyone. Wherever The Cosmic Picture is placed, the energy of the space is enhanced. Those who had meditated with The Cosmic Picture had experienced a thoughtless & heightened state of consciousness in a short span of time. Much experienced oneness, infiniteness, and blossoming of their heart space.

About Madhu Gajjala (in her words): I love drawing and painting right from my childhood and I did my Bachelor of Fine Arts in advertising and publicity in Hyderabad, India. I am grateful to my parents for letting me pursue the subjects of my interest. I got married to Ram in 2008 and we started our life in Egypt because of Ram’s official work. In the year 2009, I had a miscarriage because of which I went into a deep depression. I am very grateful to have learned Breath Meditation through which I came out of the mental baggage and pain. Since then, we started sharing the knowledge of meditation with one and all. From the year 2012, I started seeing visions (of art) in my meditations. I started putting them into different mediums like recycled bottles and small canvases. I express my gratitude to Patriji (founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement) for guiding me to work along with my visions.

The mission of The Cosmic Picture: 

The Cosmic Picture came into existence in order to assist everyone's spiritual evolution. Its purpose is to spread compassion towards all beings and to spread the knowledge of meditation. As Ram and I travel around the world to conduct meditation sessions. We will be taking ‘The Cosmic Picture’ around the globe to let everyone experience their energies and meditate.

How to Meditate with The Cosmic Picture:

Sit in a comfortable posture. Clasp your hands and cross your legs. Gaze into The Cosmic Picture, wherever your attention goes, for a couple of minutes. Then close your eyes and observe you're normal natural breath. Whenever you witness a thought, keep coming back to your breath. Meditate at least once a day. The minimum time span of meditation is as many minutes as your age (Example: 30 years – 30 mins). We can meditate for more time as well.

How to Frame The Cosmic Picture

When you are framing The Cosmic Picture, We suggest you to use a Wooden frame canvas artwork framing or any regular photo framing method ,but without any glass on the surface as it reflects lights and avoids you enjoying the beauty and energies of the cosmic picture. Always use dry cloth to clean The Cosmic Picture.

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