Meditate with Crystal's Pure Consciousness.

Meditate with Crystal's Pure Consciousness.

51 Pyramids

When it comes to crystals and gemstones, many people think about its brightness and beautiful different colors. Many use these crystals and gemstones as jewelry, some keep them as a décor. But have you ever thought of understanding their spiritual importance?

The history of crystals dates back to roughly the 4th millennium BC. Crystals are known to have Pure consciousness. Due to this uniqueness, the crystals are being used for uplifting spiritual awareness, for healing, for manifestations, for materialistic goals and so on. During earlier centuries many practitioners of crystal healings used different crystals for boosting the positive energies, enhancing the spiritual growth, for releasing blocked energies and for transforming their body’s aura. 

Crystals are an interesting subject to know about, because of their different sacred properties. There is a lot of importance of crystals mentioned in Vedic- Hindu text of Garuda Purana.

Of-course, all crystals are unique and have their own way of healing and enhancing your soul, not all types of crystal suits you. Crystals retain all the information they have been exposed to, crystals are structured in such a way that they emit high positive vibrations.

The high energies of crystals interact with the human electromagnetic field to balance the energetic changes. Every crystal in its own has a different purpose, some have energies to tap our intuitive forces during meditation, some have energies to attract good health, good wealth etc. 

You might now have a question, which crystal to go for? If you go to a store, or you search it online to buy a crystal, the moment you take a look at those crystals, there is one or more crystals to which you are more attracted, and you end up buying that crystal for you.

Well, here is the answer itself, “You don’t choose a crystal, Crystals choose you,”. Yes, you read it right!! That’s because your soul knows what it wants and your crystal is aligned to your soul. But just buying a crystal, will it be effective to manifest what you want? Partially yes!! To be more precise, that’s not enough alone. You need to be spiritually active too, How? Meditation is the only key.



“Meditation + Crystal Pyramid = Great combination to transform yourself”, to balance your body, mind, soul, emotions and intellect. By meditating using a crystal pyramid (which has a specific angle), you can transform your spiritual as well as materialistic life. Crystal helps to balance your 7 chakras, helps you to get into thought free state, also aligns to your spiritual journey, helps convert low energies into high energies, the positive pure energy vortex of a crystal helps to keep your surrounding calm and peaceful, not just this, there are many other sacred uses of crystals. 

Using a crystal while meditating all the divine properties of crystal work in more synchronization for enhancing your soul, and surrounding, all together giving you a great life transforming experience.

 To know more about various crystal Pyramids and their spiritual divinity, stay tuned for our next blog post!!!! 

Try experimenting with crystal pyramids which you are attracted to. 

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