My Life Transforming Experience using an Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystal.

My Life Transforming Experience using an Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystal.

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I always had a thirst for spiritual wisdom from my childhood. I used to wonder why I was born? Is Earth the only place with life? What’s beyond human life? What is a soul? What is enlightenment/spirituality? I tried to get answers but never really got one. As days passed by, I grew up busy with worldly affairs, until a day came which turned my life in a more beautiful way.

It was during early lockdown days, a year ago, when I happened to be exploring new things in life for experimenting and experiencing, well that’s what I love to do. Until a day came, when I was introduced to explore spirituality, I was introduced to a Meditation session conducted by Meditation coach Ayyappa Pindi, the day I started watching his session, till date my experiences are amazing. By listening to his sessions and real life experiences and meditating along with him and a huge group, I started getting clarity on spirituality.

Well I am a person, who likes to implement things in life, experience them and then believe, that’s what exactly I did, from that day my life transformation started. I started reading spiritual books, conducting meditation sessions, and sharing my experiences. These are the main pillars of PSSM (Pyramid spiritual societies Movement) which I learnt and implemented from Ayyappa Pindi and Brahmarshi Pitahamah Dr. Patriji, founder of PSSM. There is a lot to share about my spiritual journey, which I will share in my upcoming blog posts.

The reason I am writing to you all, is I want you to experience one best life changing tool, about which I am going to share with you. My guide, mentor, friend, Guru, Master Ayyappa Pindi gifted me the most Precious spiritual tool I ever had, that is “Orgonite pyramid with 7 chakra crystals”. The day I got it, I started meditating using the orgone pyramid.


       Orgonite Pyramid with 7 Chakra Crystals

We know how crystals have huge sacred importance in our life. By using such crystal pyramids while meditating, one can experience life transforming experiences in a journey called life. Orgone or orgonite is the name for the form of energy also known as a life force.

Orgone pyramids are highly known to convert low energy frequencies into high energy frequencies with an ability of balancing our emotional, mental, intellectual and physical body. It is a great tool for your holistic growth.

I observed that orgone helped me to get into a thought free zone very quickly when I started meditating with it. This pyramid has a spectacular energy to align with all our 7 chakras which are also called as energy centers in our body, namely Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Third – eye and Crown chakras.

It has an ability to convert all the negative energies into positive energies, not only within you, but also around your surroundings. The specialty of the orgonite pyramid with 7 chakra crystals is that every single crystal used connects to the higher dimensions, paving the way to our spiritual growth as well as materialistic goal.

Whatever energy blockages you have are all released in the presence of the pyramid along with meditation. If there Is any energy imbalance in any of our chakra, the crystal associated with that chakra works for balancing all the energies. 

The layers and structure of the pyramid creates and concentrates positive orgone energies which accumulate healing bio-energy which in turn increases wellness and restores harmony. 

The Orgone pyramid helps us in healing ourselves in terms of Body, Mind, Soul, Emotions and Intellect. I have attended the emotional stability which I was always looking for, by using this pyramid. 

The Orgone pyramid helps us in healing ourselves in terms of Body, Mind, Soul, Emotions and Intellect. I have attended the emotional stability which I was always looking for, by using this pyramid.

Not only I have healed my emotional body, but have healed my physical body as well using the pyramid, naturally by placing it on my lung, as I had some pain in my lung. This was a miraculous relief for me, I healed naturally.

The orgone pyramid helps to eliminate electromagnetic waves from the local environment by restoring our bio-energetic field. That’s why many people use the pyramid while placing it near to the bed, to get a sound and calm sleep.

I believe in opportunities for experiencing and exploring new things to learn from life, the orgone pyramid plays a great role in my materialistic as well as spiritual life, as all what I dreamt for came true.

If you are a meditator, this pyramid plays a role of a catalyst for you in every aspect of your life. I started meeting the right people, connecting with my true self, and experiencing the spiritual reality. All those people who were not good for my soul, started moving out of my life, and I felt very happy, stable and balanced. I am able to complete my materialistic and spiritual goals, as my intentions are always pure.

Not only I am transforming my life, but the pyramid power is so effective that my surroundings as well have changed. I have kept an Orgone pyramid in my balcony where there are plants, with the pyramid energies, plants are growing in a healthier manner irrespective of any climate changes.

The effect of any kind of pyramid is very impactful, crystal and copper pyramids being the most effective of all, as these both elements are of pure consciousness.

The crystals used in the orgonite pyramid are Amethyst, Blue Aventurine, Lapis, Green Aventurine, Yellow Aventurine, Red Aventurine and Red Jasper, all the crystals have their own unique sacred healing properties. This crystal pyramid is ideal for everyone.

You can place this anywhere, on your work desk, near bed, near a study area, in garden, near kitchen space, above water jar, the energies of this pyramid help you to gain holistic health.

How to use this while meditating?


  • Hold the Pyramid in your hand, with fingers clasped
  • Legs crossed, eyes closed.
  • Observe your breath and connect to your wish.

The pyramid will assist you as long as your intentions are pure and aligned with nature without harming anyone else. I would like to recommend you to kindly experiment with this beautiful tool and see yourself highly transformed in life. 

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