The Healing Power of Pyramid

The Healing Power of Pyramid

51 Pyramids

I encountered Pyramids, back in 2004, I started experimenting with pyramids, in those days I made my own pyramid using thermocol and kept it hanging, I used to sleep under it. I used to experiment and observe my sleep and energy patterns with pyramids & without pyramids along with meditation.  With years of research in pyramids, we have come up with many pyramids of different sizes, using different materials.  

A person should meditate under a pyramid or near a pyramid so that he can absorb the effectiveness of pyramids more. 

When it comes on a personal level, we have three elements: BODY, MIND & SOUL. When it - comes to non- self-level, there comes three elements: ANIMALS, PLANTS & ENVIRONMENT. 

Pyramids help in every dimension, our body, our mind & soul, it helps the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and also our environment. It helps in every dimension, our body, our mind & soul, it helps the animal kingdom, plant kingdom and also our environment. 

Every size of pyramid has power, smaller one has smaller effect, bigger pyramid has bigger effect. Whatever problem you encounter, always have pyramids with you. These pyramids are not the technologies on Earth, they are gifted to us by other higher Galaxies. Pyramids have the power to attract the cosmic universal energies. When you have a pyramid with you, whether you sense it or not with physical senses, it always attracts positive energies. Always carry a Pyramid wherever you go.

The angle of the pyramid has to be perfect always, so that we can reap 100% energy out of it. 

       The Great Giza Pyramid Egypt.



Kids have approx. 80 – 85% water, adults have around 60-65% water. As an experiment, I kept three glasses of water one outside, one under the plastic pyramid and one under the wood pyramid. Experimented for 24 hrs. After every 1hr, I used to measure with Ph. meter and noted down the measurements. Scientifically, 7 is the Ph. value of water, which is good. Anything below it is acidic. The nobel prize winner Otto Henricher said, “Disease cannot live in an alkaline body”, so how to convert water to an alkaline form? It can be done by placing water under a pyramid. After 24 hrs of experiment both the glass of water placed under pyramids turned out to have Ph. more than 7, naturally without using any electricity, just with the help of cosmic energy and the pyramid. I was able to consume that water, also the water kept outside the pyramid got converted to alkaline form, because the energy of the pyramid influenced its surroundings.


Water & Pyramid Experiment.



I kept sprouts, one inside the pyramid, one outside the pyramid & for 10 days. For every 1 hour, I used to take pictures. After some 5-6 days, I observed that the sprouts placed without the pyramid got some fungus grown on it, but the sprouts kept under the pyramids were still fresh for 10 days. This can be done with any food, pyramid will energize the food and enhance its value. Even the food which you cook, keep it under a pyramid for a minimum 15 min, all the food which you are going to prepare for the next day, keep it under the pyramid for 24hrs. The nutrition value of food goes up.

Sprouts & Pyramid Experiment.



Pyramids have the power to make your mind empty/zero. When you put a pyramid above your head, your thought density automatically decreases. Why only meditate under a Pyramid? We can sleep, eat and read under a pyramid. Now-a-days, people are very much under false - emotions. Fear & guilt are our false emotions. Whatever your guilt may be, learn to come out of it. Pyramid helps you to come out of all your false emotions. It can repair your DNA. Any change that we want, it has to be on the molecular level. Every creation started from our MIND. So, if the mind is clear, every creation will be clear. Most of our problems are psychosomatic - it’s not in our body, it’s in our mind. When our mind clears, a lot of our diseases naturally vanish. Wearing a Pyramid cap helps employees to be more productive and effective as it helps the brain to work more productively.

            Pyramid Meditation Head Cap.



Pyramids enhance the environment. Wherever there are pyramids, the water level has come up, the extinct flowers have come up, the ozone layer is repaired, the energies around have changed. People have installed pyramids at their home & surroundings and have observed peace, positive vibrations and environment around. Pyramids instantly change the atmosphere. When you have pyramids in your environment, it provides positivity, harmony and a lot of energy, which flows in and out from you. 

One of the important initiatives taken by the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in Nagpur highway - Ramakundam, Shrishailam and Shrikakulum, there were many accidents on the road in certain spots. With the help of the Municipalities we have kept some pyramids near those spots. Pyramids tend to change the bad vibrations on that geo-location. Even a small pyramid in the car, will help you to keep your focus on the road and will play the role of protection for your car.


Aluminum Pyramids for Plants, Fruits & Vegetables.



Recently I have been doing experiments with pyramids & agriculture, organic farming is mostly practiced now. When we put a pyramid on the agricultural land/ farm, the yield is around 40 to 80% higher. My employee who is a farmer, keeps a pyramid on the water pot overnight everyday, and uses the same water on the field by mixing it with the water which is poured on the field. Also, he kept seeds for around 40 days under a pyramid & started sowing the seeds. Over a period of  time, the neighboring fields did not yield much, but his farm yield was much more than other farms. He asked me, how to protect the land from pesticides and insects?

To which I advised him to collect some stones and keep them under the pyramid for around 30 days and then place them around the field. The stones are energized from the pyramid and these stones give back this energy to the field. Similarly, if you place the small plants at your place under a pyramid, the fruits start growing to be very healthy and much tastier. What exactly happens is the old genetic imprints of the seeds are completely changed and transformed by the pyramid power resulting in a good amount of yield.  

Brahamarshi Patriji has said about the pyramid that “It is a great symbol of North, East, West & South, all different viewing points converge into one. Pyramid is a gate connecting all the galactic civilization. It is a great energy support system for all living beings.” Pyramids are not built by humans. It is a technology given to earth by other galaxies.  The beauty of a pyramid is that it doesn't use any electricity or coal, it gives you natural energy.

We all need to work together and make our world a better place to stay, help our mother earth, help ourselves, help nature. This can be done with the high energy power of pyramids. 

Explore & Experiment with Pyramids as pyramids are natural ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Want to know more about Pyramids and Spiritual Science?

Write to me at: 

-Ayyappa Pindi, Pyramid Expert

                 Pyramid Used for Agricultural Yield.

Explore & Experiment with Pyramids as pyramids are natural ways to sustain a healthy lifestyle. 

Want to know more about Pyramids and Spiritual Science? 

Write to me at: 

-Ayyappa Pindi, Pyramid Expert

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