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When it comes to crystals, many of you believe in it, others may not. It all depends upon what information or say experiences you have with crystals, provided if you have encountered with them. The word CRYSTAL sounds magical, right!! 

Well, yes, if you don’t know, then this brief article will help you understand about the world of Crystals. Here today, I will specifically be briefing you all about 11 Special crystals. Those are Amethyst, Serpentine, Clear Quartz, Rose Quartz, Rainbow Moonstone, Tourmaline, Red Jasper, Unakite, Tiger Eye, Yellow Aventurine, Bloodstone. Why only these 11 crystals?? It’s because these are the crystals well suited to everyone.

Let’s deep dive into the description and importance of these crystals one by one.

AMETHYST: It is slightly purple color crystal stone. It is very powerful and a protective stone, acts like natural healer, heals from stress, strain, anger, fear, anxiety, and other mood swings. It helps to get smooth and calm sleep. Amethyst inspires one and encourages to do meditation as well as induces selfless giving nature for service to humanity. It strengthens immune system, boosts the hormone productions, overall heals the physical body and helps uplift our spiritual journey with the help of meditation.

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SERPENTINE: It is deep green in color. Serpentine is calming to the emotional essence, which enables you to clear your doubts of change and sorrow, helps reduce emotional tensions. It benefits you from getting connected with higher vibrations and energies. Evokes knowledge and helps gain clarity in every aspect. It also induces feeling of security motivating you to travel into different domains. It helps stabilizing your metabolism. Helps purify blood and entire body, cures hypoglycemia and diabetes. This gem will benefit you with meditation and a spiritual journey, clear the Chakras, and stimulate the Crown Chakra. It helps cultivating mercy with its grounding energy for everyone.


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CLEAR QUARTZ: This stone is perhaps most usually seen and used crystal stone all over. It has various properties. This crystal is known to have high vibrations. Helps in repelling negative energies. It can clear body, mind and spirit. Helps in setting clear goal visions for achieving success in life. This crystal is also known as ‘Master Healer’ crystal. The stone acts as a cleanser for soul, enhances psychic abilities, aids concentration and increases memories.

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ROSE QUARTZ: Rose quartz is pale pink in color and comes from family of quartz. This crystal is best known for its super quality of unconditional love and grounding energies. It is a powerful healing crystal as it helps to build relationships with more care and selfless love and joyful emotions. It’s a crystal which helps in giving and receiving love. Rose quartz promotes mutual understandings. 


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RAINBOW MOONSTONE: A rainbow moonstone is a crystal mainly associated with calming and relaxing energies. This stone is mainly used to align all chakras together in order to bring calmness and balance around. For anyone who is facing issues with moving on, this crystal is the one which will help you to overcome all the troubles and move on in life out of negativity. With its cleansing energy this crystal brings awareness in life.

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TOURMALINE: Tourmaline is a crystal which is used to get rid of negativity around. This crystal has an ability to create a positive protective shield around a person or a room from negative energies. It is also a grounding stone. Black Tourmaline helps to get rid of tensions and stress. Purple tourmaline is used to detach outside energies. Pink tourmaline works on self love, Yellow tourmaline helps in enhancing self power.

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RED JASPER: It is deep red brownish in color. Red jasper is a grounding, passionate and a protective crystal. This crystal helps in bringing balance, courage and strength. Also helps in grounding and nurturing with its endurance power. 

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UNAKITE: Unakite crystal is green, with pink hues on it,  orange red in color crystal. This crystal enhances emotions if placed near to someone. If you wish to release or get rid of negative emotions from your self, get this stone placed around and it will help. It is also associated with balancing and wellbeing. You can overcome pain and hardship if you meditate using this crystal.


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TIGER EYE: Tiger eye crystal is dark brown in color and is associated with third eye activation. This crystal promotes vitality. It helps to transform toxic feelings into positive one. Helps to move past your fear and build up great courage to face difficult situations. Helps you to get motivated positively.


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YELLOW AVENTURINE: This crystal is highly associated with manifesting, creating, focusing providing leadership qualities. It removes all self expectations and self doubts. Yellow aventurine helps in tackling difficult situations and take corrective actions as needed. This crystal helps in overcoming grief and suffering.


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Bloodstone is greenish color with red spots on it. This crystal is used to purify your blood in terms of physical healing, those who have any kind of trouble or trauma with blood, this crystal helps in solving those problems. Bloodstone helps to build in courage, strength, as well as resilience. Works closely with heart chakra associated with love, compassion, and ability to open one self.


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Well now that you have an idea about these special 11 crystals, the powers or say healing properties of these crystals will work more in presence of a perfect pyramid. Which means, when you meditate with these crystals using a pyramid too, the effects will be more specific and fast, provided you should be a vegetarian!!

Or you can even place these crystals together in a bowl under a pyramid, and keep this above your drinking water, or in the house, anywhere, for more fruitful results. Use them either ways, but definitely try and experience the magic mysteries of crystals combined with spiritually accurate pyramids !!

Help us understand and share your experiences, write to me at also you can avail your set of crystals and pyramids from

To know more about pyramids, you can read our previous blogs.

More info coming soon, until then explore and experience the true magical powers of these crystals and pyramids, with meditation!!

To know more, stay tuned !!

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